Kevin Lu Newport Coast, CA

The Walk for Family experience enhanced my relationship with my family. I loved spending time with my friends and family at the park.

Jenny Goss Jenny Goss, Mother of Catelyn Scott

My 5 year old daughter Catelyn had the pleasure of working on the recent film for Celebrate Forever.  We were greeted with warm welcomes, delicious food, and even new art supplies to keep her entertained on set!  We also had the honor of meeting the founders and hearing their testimony.  I was inspired by their faith and perseverance in the midst of difficult trials.  I’m so glad my daughter had the opportunity to work with such wonderful people, and be part of such a meaningful cause. Building strong marriages will change communities and change the world. The work being done by Celebrate Forever will leave a legacy that will bless future generations. It was truly an honor to work with this organization, and we hope to work with them again in the future.  Catelyn sends her love to the team, she misses you all!

Nick Bradly Valencia, CA

Having acted for Walk for Family has truly been a fulfilling experience for me. Not only am I  proud to say I supported such a meaningful organization to me, but I am just as proud to state how wonderful of an experience it was to work with the walk for family team. They were very hospitable and welcoming with their warm vibe and artistic visions. Their infinite love for families around the world was more than inspiring. It was an honor to have worked with such a well put together team for such a beautiful purpose and I’d be more than happy to work with them again.

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