About us.

What We Value

At Walk for Family we believe that healthy families are built by spending time together. Join us in our movement to save one family by committing 1 hour of your day to WALK and think about your family or even walk with your family & friends.
Our Mission is to Save One Family™, one person at a time.

Why We Do

We believe in faith, hope and love. But the greatest of these is love. 1 Corin. 13:13
We believe in sharing and receiving unconditional love with families around the world.
We believe that true change in relationship comes from each individual becoming a better person.
We believe in putting the right tools and resources into your hands early on makes all the difference.

Who we are

We are a faith driven organization that invites every person regardless of religion, race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, or gender to join with us in Celebrating Forever through improving their relationships.

What we offer

Walk for Family™ is promoting a world wide movement to strengthen our relationships in family through 1 hour walk event wherever you are. If you want to walk, swim, bike, run, or even jump out of a plane, it’s fun and easy to do so for the Celebrate Forever Cause. And through Celebrate Forever Foundation we provide relationship resources, education, tools & technology focusing on personal development, to facilitate growth within committed relationships to sustain healthy, lifelong relationships & families that can be celebrated forever.

Our Founders

Kevin & Gloria Lu

Mr. & Mrs. Kevin & Gloria Lu, are the visionaries and founders of the Celebrate Forever Foundation and Walk for Family™.

Kevin Lu, a general surgeon in China, is also the CEO and founder of Beloved, Casablanca Bridal, and Amare, two of the fastest-growing, award-winning manufacturers, designers and wholesale distributors of bridal gowns, where Gloria Lu works as Chief Creative Director.

With the success of their endeavors, Mr. & Mrs. Lu’s desire to give back has been a vision that “everyone who gets married in one of their wedding gowns stay happily married forever”.

With the influence of wise parents, Kevin & Gloria have a unique story, having met and married in just seven days! They have since spent the last 27 plus years learning, growing and understanding what that wedding day actually meant. In all those years the Lu’s have experienced many seasons, from sunshine to rain, cloudy days and storms to even a few earthquakes. They are still learning every day, and their story of growth is one of many at the Celebrate Forever Foundation.

The Lu’s have two beautiful children, daughter Crystal, and son Richard, they also share their home with their American Eskimo, Kiki.  Kevin and Gloria Lu’s passion and vision is evident through the creation of Celebrate Forever and in their own lives where they truly believe in the power of one person, one couple, one family to change the world and create relationships that can truly be celebrated forever.

Kevin says, “It starts from me. Change me first™. If I’m changed, my wife will change. If my wife is changed, my children will change. If my children are changed, my neighbor will change. If my neighbor is changed, this community will change. If the community is changed, this nation will change. If this country is changed, other countries will change. If other countries are changed, whole world will change. The whole world will become one family. We will love each other.”

Kevin shares amazing acrostic with a word “FAMILY.” He says, “FAMILY means Father And Mother I Love You.” “We must love one another and we should have love raise not fund raise,” he said at the initial meeting of a building new website WalkforFamily.org.

“We do not ask for donation from you but please reach out to your family and spend one hour to show your love and stay healthy relationship. Our Mission is to Save One Family™. It starts from me. Change me first™.” says Kevin Lu, co-founder of Celebrate Forever Foundation.

This concept was created with theme of awareness in mind. With reference to feedback on incorporating a ribbon into the icon, this represents the moment of unconditional love when two hearts come together to reflect and discuss during their walk.With the logotype emphasis on ‘for’, this is to highlight the true reason the walk for family event was created, for family.

There is a lot of hidden symbolism within this logo mark. Firstly, the middle ribbon represents the child being brought together by their parents and being surrounded by unconditional love. The left heart represents the father and the right heart represents the mother uniting through God’s love to become one body and one family as stated within the mission statement “Save One FamilyTM”.

When the hearts come together, within the negative space, you will see a child reaching out to both parents to bring them together.

If you remove the tops of the heart, you will see the shape of a W to represent the word Walk in Walk for Family.

The Ribbon in the middle indicates awareness and the action of spreading global awareness to achieve the overall goal of saving one family.

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